We meet every Saturday 3:00- 4:30 p.m. 
Everyone is welcome to attend and benefit from the class without making an appointment. There is no fee for the regular class, but we welcome a donation for facilities. 

Besides weekly meditation classes, we also host weekend retreats, one-day retreats, lecture in Buddhism and Ways of Life, and 7-seesion and 5-session courses. 


Anyone regardless of race, nationality and belief can always enjoy the benefits of meditation because it's so simple even a little kid can do it. Dhammakaya Meditation is the simplest form of meditation. In brief, what we do when we meditate is to comfortably gather our mind inside of our body, at the center, which is in the middle of our abdomen or stomach, and keep it there for longer periods of time. We achieve happiness and inner peace through the birth of inner feelings of goodness, purity, softness, delicateness, refinement, and freshness. This is the result of a mind that has come to a full stop; by bringing everything to a point of stillness inside our body in the middle of our abdomen, the center of the body. We deliberately choose to do just this over everything else and that is how we succeed. This is the great benefit of meditation on the spiritual level.

Meditation produces positive, wholesome, and purifying energy. It makes us want to do good things with body, speech, and mind. That is why we spread loving-kindness at the end of the meditation session; when our minds are still. It produces the highest efficiency at that point. We start by gathering and recollecting this good energy in our center in the form of a sphere. The sphere is bright and clear like a diamond. Start with any size that you feel comfortable with: bubble, basketball, tennis ball, ping pong ball, etc. When the mind is still, then the sphere will be able to enlarge so that we can cover and encompass things with this pure energy and bring them into our center. This way we help to create peace on all levels in our environment and world.
What's more, meditation will increase our physical health by reducing blood pressure, stress, lowering our heart rate, increasing the brightness of our complexion, and making us a naturally calm and stable person. It opens our mind up to new possibilities, and thus more wisdom. Meditation keeps our mind crystal clear and allows us to be a leader. We can see the whole picture of everything around us, and thus we can make the best decisions. People will then be inspired by the clarity of our minds. The art and habit of meditation are the only things that will allow us to do this. That is why it is the basis of all real knowledge.


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